15 reasons to use AMDECK steel decking for multi-storey car parks

Composite steel decking is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of strengthening material for concrete floor construction. This is primarily down to the high performance of the steel and speed of installation which lead to lower costs. Steel decking is particularly beneficial for the construction of multi-storey car parks.

Unlike commercial or residential buildings, multi-storey car parks are constantly exposed to the elements and moving loads. And, in order to maximise owner revenue, they also need to maximise headroom. Composite steel decking is therefore ideal for multi-storey car parks as floor decks can be reduced in depth, even more so if concrete is only poured above the deck, leaving the underside exposed.

Durability of steel decking

Whether steel floor decking soffits are exposed or encased in concrete, the material offers high performance and durability. AMDECK steel decking is both water resistant and fire resistant and offers loads up to 2hrs fire rating.

AMDECK’s steel decking profiles are manufactured using hot dip galvanised steel coil – S350GD steel grade – with Z275 two-sided hot dipped zinc coating which is in accordance with steel grade standard EN10346:2015.

Ideal steel decking products for multi-storey car parks

AMDECK’s design team will always calculate the required loads prior to quoting materials, or they will incorporate them into drawings if they are being drawn by AMDECK. Our designers will also carefully check any third party drawings to ensure that load calculations and materials are correct.

The ideal AMDECK steel decking products for multi-storey car parks for a 150mm slab depth* are:

AMDECK 80 1.2mm – Live loads up to 5.00kN/m2 and single spans up to 4.00m (unpropped) for 90mins fire rating.

AMDECK 60 1.2mm – Live loads up to 5.00kN/m2 and single spans up to 3.65m (unpropped) for 90mins fire rating.

*A142 mesh and 12mm bars per trough allowed for with calculations.



There are countless benefits to using AMDECK steel decking for multi-storey car park floors including:

  • Ultra-long spans – up to 4.00m (unpropped)
  • Patented design for exceptional structural performance
  • Unique embossments enhance chemical bond between the deck and the concrete
  • Increases speed of construction
  • High load point
  • Fire and water resistant
  • Long term durability
  • Maintain maximum headroom
  • Lowest cost steel decking in the market place
  • Easy transportation and installation
  • Complementary design
  • Free design software
  • Drawing service
  • Fast-turnaround
  • Rapid delivery to anywhere in the UK

For more information on steel decking products for multi-storey car parks or any other construction project, please contact your local sales representative via our Contact Page.