Following our acquisition of the company in October 2020, and in line with our projected growth plans, AMDECK output has increased by 4,900% in the period to end February 2021.

At the time of purchase, the company was operating at just 0.3% of capacity. Weekly output has now grown to around 15% of our full capacity.

AMDECK has ambitious growth plans, aiming to position the company as a leading steel decking brand name in the construction industry.  Following our initial re-brand, we have since invested in new operational equipment and materials.  Further investment announcements will be made during 2021.

One of the overriding factors of our success to date is the premium quality of our products – two trapezoidal decks, AMDECK 60 and AMDECK 80 and one re-entrant deck, AMDECK 54 – and our ability to manufacture and deliver promptly and reliably. Combined with our first-class customer service, AMDECK has fast become the manufacturer of choice for some of the most respected brands in the construction industry.

CEO Chad Ward said “The potential of AMDECK was clear to me from the outset and was the reason for the investment. These early indicators show that not only are customers impressed with the quality and performance of our products, they are repeatedly telling us that the service we provide is superb – this is vital in this industry. Whilst the AMDECK name is still new in the market place, customers have quickly seen the value of both the products and the service they receive.”

Whilst supplies of steel remain a concern throughout the industry, AMDECK steel stock remains good and new materials are scheduled for delivery through to the end of July.

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