Design Software

As a customer focused company, we provide complementary expert design services as part of our production package.  Our highly qualified design engineers have decades of experience designing structural steel deck for customers right across the construction industry. From simple applications to complex builds, our design team will provide you with details drawings with using precise calculations.

The Steel Construction Institute (SCI) produced design software for composite slabs and beams specifically AMDECK. The software allows designs to be completed either to BS 5950 or the Eurocode (UK) using any of the three steel decks available from AMDECK. The software is developed as a web application and is freely available to use. Please access via the link below

The software development followed physical testing of the bare steel decks and composite spans and the analysis of the test results to determine properties used in design. The software has been developed to be comprehensive and flexible covering various practical design scenarios.

The slab design part of the software covers non-composite design of the deck at the construction stage and composite design of the slab at the normal stage. The slab design offers alternative methods for fire design and for the determination of the longitudinal shear resistance, with propped and unpropped solutions.  In addition to uniformly distributed loading, users may specify line loads and point loads.

The beam design part of the software covers beams designed individually or as part of a floor grid specified by the user. Users may specify a slab, or select one of the slabs previously designed. Beam designs may be optimised (smallest depth) with a maximum depth specified.  Load combinations may be auto generated, or specified by the user. In addition to floor loading, direct point or UDL loads can be applied on the beam if required.