AMDECK’s latest investment in precision machinery arrived this week, further enhancing our modern manufacturing facilities.

Our new, technologically advanced Accurl Master Guillotine allows us to produce even greater quantities of high-quality ancillary items, precisely and at speed. With its powerful, precision blades, we can cut ancillary items to exacting customer specifications with a high-quality finish.

AMDECK can produce a range of ancillary items, both as part of a decking order, or we can supply additional items for customers to hold as excess stock, if required.

Standard ancillary items include:

End Caps

End caps are required on AMDECK 60 & 80 trapezoidal profiles to prevent grout loss whilst the concrete is poured. We manufacture a universal end cap from 0.7mm galvanised sheets which can be used for either AMDECK 60 or 80.

Edge Trim

This acts as permanent formwork to the edge of the slab when pouring concrete in-situ onto the metal deck floors.

We can manufacture every type of edge trim and thickness that a customer requires for their project, using galvanised sheets from 0.9mm to 2mm gauge and from 100mm height to 600mm height.

Restraint Straps

After the edge trim is fixed to the supporting beam, the upper section of the edge trim is restrained by straps at 600mm – 1000mm, depending on slab depth and overhang from the supporting beam.

We manufacture the restraint strap from 0.7mm galvanised sheets in 3000mm lengths to be cut down onsite to suit the overhang.

Closure Plates

Closure plates are used when the metal deck falls short of the supporting beam. This fills the gap and prevents grout loss when the concrete is poured. Closure plates are available in the widths and gauges in the table below:


Closure Plate TypeGauge (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)

If you need any ancillary item which is not shown above, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are confident that we can meet all of your needs.

This latest investment follows on from the recent purchase of a new Press Brake and new cantilever racking. All of these investments will ensure that we continue to produce the best quality products for our customers for many years ahead.