The use of composite steel deck for floors is primarily used to act as tensile reinforcement of concrete slab. The indentations in the steel deck bonds with the concrete, thus strengthening and equalising the load.

When it comes to fire protection, steel decking should not be seen as a fire barrier in itself. In a fire, the steel deck will provide a level of insulation and help to prevent the passage of flames and smoke for a limited time. It will also help to slow down heating of the concrete and control cracking or spalling, therefore prolonging structural integrity during a fire.

Fire resistance times will vary depending on the type of steel decking used, the range of span, the thickness of the concrete, additional rebar and frequency of propping. AMDECK’s range of steel decking offer fire resistance rates of 60 to 120 minutes which are in accordance with BS 5950.

Choosing the right metal deck for your slab

AMDECK’s free slab design web application was developed on our behalf by the Steel Construction Institute. The software allows designs to be completed to either BS 5950 or the Eurocode (UK) using any of the three steel decks available from AMDECK and ensures that you acquire the correct steel decking for required fire resistance.

The slab design software also offers alternative methods for fire design and for the determination of the longitudinal shear resistance, including propped and unpropped solutions. In addition to uniformly distributed loading, users can also specify line loads and point loads.

Alternatively, our team of design experts will help you to choose the correct decking, and will also design your floor layout for you, if required.